A day in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Cheung Chau View 2

Hello Thursday,

Last year I got to spend two weeks in Hong Kong and a week in Taiwan for the holidays. Out of those two weeks in Hong Kong I went on a day trip to Cheung Chau. Cheung Chau, Hong Kong is a small island southwest of Hong Kong and it’s about 30min to an hour ferry ride from Central Pier to Cheung Chau depending on which ferry you take. You can take the regular or high speed ferry.

What do you do in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong? Well, they’re known for their street foods, seafood, temples and Cheung Chau’s bun festival. Their bun festival happens annually which includes a parade of floats with young children dressed up as ancient famous characters. A bun scavenger competition marks the end of the festival. Sounds pretty interesting but unfortunately I went in December and the festival is usually in late spring. Being surrounded by a body of water fishing use to be their main source of income but in recent year’s it’s become a major tourist hot spot! I had a chance to  visit one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong, the Pak Tai Temple, which is located at one end of Cheung Chau. Although it was a rebuilt of the original temple, the architecture and detail is impeccable.

Take a look at what you can find on the island.

Giant Curry Fish Ball

Fist size curry fish balls on a stick


Red Bean StallRed Bean

Japanese red bean pastry. The red bean was

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super creamy and the pastry was fluffy and fresh.


Chocolate MochiMango Mochi

Chocolate and mango mochi. The mango mocha had actual mangos inside. Super yummy!


Food StallFood Stall 2Cafe

Food stall selling jujubes, dried seafood, crepe on a stick and a very cute café.

Cheung Chau View

It was so relaxing and mesmerizing to just watch the street vendors go about their day and to watch the fish boats float about on the calm waters. I would definetly return to Cheung Chau the next time I visit Hong Kong but hopefully in the summer time. In December it was a bit too cold to enjoy their beach.

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