Belmonte Raw Juice Cleanse


Hello Wednesday!

Last week I started my Belmonte Raw juice cleanse journey where I start the day with a cold pressed juice from Belmonte Raw. The prices vary depending on the size that you purchase and can be found on their website. I purchased the 250ml bottles which is the perfect amount to kick-start my mornings. The shelf life for these are usually within two days so I had to restock a couple of times. The ones I’ve tired were Calm, Uplift, and Detox.

IMG_20150812_185026 1. Calm Benefit: Calm is said to reduce stress, enzyme powered and is anti-inflammatory.
My Verdict: This was my least favourite of the three I’ve tried. The smell and the taste was off putting, mint and kale do not make a good combo (taste wise). You can taste a minor hint of pineapple juice but that’s about it. However, this gave me a lot energy for the day without having to consume caffeine.
IMG_20150812_184844 2. Uplift Benefit: Uplift’s benefits include boosting metabolism, anti-inflammatory, and alkalizing.
My Verdict: It was quite tasty and could barely taste the parsley which was what I was afraid of. However, I felt bloated the whole day. I’m not sure if this was reason for my bloating but something to test out after a couple of tries.
IMG_20150812_185047 3. Detox Benefit: Detox is great for deep cleansing, anti-bloating, and increases elimination.
My Verdict: This is my favourite one of the bunch. I do feel difference after drinking it, of course not right away but I can feel it throughout the day. It definitely helped my bloating! The flavour was great, loved the apple and freshness.

It can definitely get pricey if you want to have it on a regular basis. But they do have a bottle returning incentive which is both great for the environment and helps you save some money. With every 10 empty bottles returned you will get a free bottle of Belmonte Raw juice, any size, free. If you were to only buy the 250ml bottles and redeem your 10 bottles for a free 500ml it would work out to be about 15% off for your previous purchase.

My final verdict? I would definitely continue my mornings with Belmonte Raw juice cleanse! I felt the effects of the “Detox” greens working their magic in my system almost immediately. Not sure if it’s the juice or my tea tree oil but I notice I’m breaking out less, which a definite bonus.

What are some of your tips in staying healthy? Anyone tried Greenhouse Juice?

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